Семëн Вендров, CHt (svendrov) wrote,
Семëн Вендров, CHt

About Russia current political situation

Political instability in Russia continues. The country urgently needs a new restructuring and transparency. The problem is that there are almost no bright, democratically minded leaders in the Kremlin today. The only person in the Kremlin who is able to think democratically is Dmitry Medvedev. Perhaps Mr. Medvedev, becoming the president of the Russian Federation in the future, will be able to announce in Russia the beginning of a new democratic restructuring, to announce the beginning of large-scale changes and reforms. But the Kremlin Politburo, unfortunately, wants to see the new president of the Russian Federation not as a reformer and democrat, but as a totalitarian-minded general-silovik. Unfortunately, the Kremlin Politburo is going to push for the post of the new president of the Russian Federation its candidate, a tough general-silovik, which, perhaps, will make Russia in the future an even more unfree and totalitarian state than during the Putin era. I am absolutely sure that Russia needs a new Gorbachev today, Russia needs democratic reforms. Russia does not need totalitarianism. Time will tell the rest.
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