Семëн Вендров, CHt (svendrov) wrote,
Семëн Вендров, CHt

About future of democracy in Russia

Putin's totalitarian policies have led Russia to a deepest crisis. But in the future Russia will definitely spread its wings, and will become an open, free and democratic country. So who will lead Russia to democracy? Is there any politician in the Kremlin today? I think that there is such a politician in the Kremlin, and this politician is called Dmitry Medvedev. At one time, while serving as President of the Russian Federation, Medvedev said, "Freedom is better than non-freedom." To bring Russia out of the totalitarian impasse, to bring out in stages and gradually, bypassing the collapse of all state institutions of power, bypassing the chaos and disintegration of the country - today only Medvedev is able. Only Medvedev now has a unique experience of running the country, Medvedev has already held the post of President of the Russian Federation for four years. I am sure that if Dmitry Anatolyevich becomes the president of the Russian Federation again, he will be able to save the country from catastrophic disintegration, it will be possible to preserve statehood in Russia. Time will tell the rest.
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