Семëн Вендров, CHt (svendrov) wrote,
Семëн Вендров, CHt

About current political situation in Russia

According to numerous sources, Putin is seriously ill, and apparently can no longer fully govern the country as in the old days. Against this background, the Russian special services have intensified and, in fact, today we are seeing a new hybrid state committee on the state emergency in action, a new (GKCHP), and in fact, a hybrid coup d'etat in Russia. Putin's security generals are already secretly running the country instead of Putin. Hybrid GKCHP entangled Russia as an octopus, and every day more and more imposes a rigid totalitarian dictatorship in the country. Putin, in fact, is now removed from power amid his progressive illness. In the same way, soviet Secretary General Mikhail Gorbachev was removed from power in the USSR, was removed under the leadership of the then KGB chairman Vladimir Kryuchkov. Today's hybrid GKCHP in Russia is the worst thing that could ever happen to the country. Only the new democratically elected democratic leader in the Kremlin, democratically elected by the Russian people for the post of President of the Russian Federation, will be able to free Russia in the future from the totalitarian oppression of the Russian special services, to free the country from the harsh dictates of Putin's generals-siloviki, who now lead a hybrid, creeping GKCHP. Time will tell the rest.
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